Ok so now back to blogging after a week of pure ridiculousness. Now I don’t know what kind of lying/ass kissing Jeremy had to do to get Mariah to believe that he was not seeing me or was not going to see me again but I will say this, that girl is either obsessed with him and thinks she can’t do better or he is just being his old manipulative charming self that is able to get whatever he wants from the women in his life.

Truth, Jeremy is still here every day. It’s even worse now because he has no excuse to be. He has his new place and it is right down the road. He just shows up here at anytime. Pops in my bedroom door telling me to make him Mac and cheese. He has sex with me every day and tells me that if I ever get married or date someone he will still come over here and have his way with me. That I will have his children and never tell anyone. He tries to make me jealous by saying things like, I want to get married, ill get married to you. He is just completely off his rocker. I started talking to a guy who I’m trying to be friends with. Jeremy can’t even handle this. He keeps coming over at random times hoping to run into this guy so that he knows that Jeremy isn’t going anywhere. I think I made him sound like a saint in my last blog because I missed him and because I was writing it as if o were talking to him. I don’t even know where to start….